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5 Marketing Jobs in Pakistan You Must Explore

Marketing Jobs in Pakistan

According to the latest trends in the industry, the marketing careers are flourishing rapidly. There are many opportunities in the field of marketing. For the field of marketing, you must have known about the understanding the consumers’ needs and requirements. It will help you to interpret the customers’ needs in the communication to design your marketing strategy.

The field of marketing is very vast so there are several ways to choose market as a profession. It’s also the marketing professional’s job to create, run and enhance brands. You can meet your customers’ needs by market research. In addition to other jobs, there are a lot of marketing jobs opportunities so the career potential is boundless. Explore marketing jobs opportunities in following categories:

  1. Market Research
  2. Advertising
  3. Promotions
  4. Brand Management
  5. Public Relations

Here is the detailed picture of the above-mentioned marketing jobs opportunities that will be perfect according to your personality.

Market Research

In this category of marketing jobs in Pakistan, you have to know about your target audience. The target audience may include companies or people of the specific demographics. While research process you need to know the customers’ need, their purchasing behavior, and their status.

Therefore, for conducting research, you must have focus groups, surveys, and secondary research. In this way, you will get the brands’ to the point information. There are marketing jobs in Pakistan in private sectors as well as in government sectors. Hence marketing jobs opportunities are very vast due to its need in government organizations.


The other category of marketing jobs that you can avail is in the field of advertising. It’s the same way like marketing but you have to put your concept via designed strategy into execution. There is also choice for you to have marketing jobs as;

  • Media Buyers
  • Account Planners and
  • Account Management

Media buyer has to find the place for ads that are required for his/her client or organization. According to the available ad space, the account planner helps him planning about the advertisement with respect to demographics.

Moreover, there is the choice for you to get account planners jobs in Pakistan from our online job portal. The main task of the account planner is to research about customer behavior in the market. On the other side, the account manager is a bridge between the department and client.

Positions for Advertising

  • Advertising Managers
  • Account Planners
  • Media Coordinator
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Media Director
  • Media Buyers
  • Account Executives


It is also one of the common but important job posts in the field of marketing. Moreover, the basic aim of the promotional team is to create advertising techniques. These techniques are the part of marketing and will let the customer in the form of purchase incentives. All daily newspapers have marketing jobs in Pakistan. All these marketing jobs are also available on our online portal from all famous newspapers of Pakistan.

The promotion of a product may include the gifts, discounts, rebates, coupons, and sweepstakes. Hence for promotion purpose, the team may use in-store displays, direct mail, product endorsements, telemarketing, or special kick-off events. Hence, these promotional activities are used as a tool of advertising. the number of sales will be increased if the promotional tools are innovative.

Positions for Promotions

  • Promotions Director
  • Promotions Assistant

Brand Management 

The other way to explore your talent in marketing jobs is the brand management. It is one of the most important job posts in marketing jobs opportunities. A brand manager is an essential post that almost every brand needs to run it whether it is small or big. As a result, there is a focused picture of the brand image that is necessary according to the competitors in the respective category.

Hence a person with the best communication and analytical skills with marketing approach can do the best in this field. Moreover, he needs to do efficiently communicate about the perks of the brand, product or service with the target market. There is an opportunity for brand managers also in government sector as it will help them to maintain their prestige.

There is an opportunity for you to explore from our online job portal. It will allow you to have all marketing jobs in Pakistan. Consequently, the brand manager’s task is to develop, manage and implement the marketing strategy.

Positions for Brand Management

There are many opportunities for marketing jobs in Pakistan such as;

  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Development Manager

Public Relations

It is one of the noteworthy job posts in the present time. Marketing jobs also essential for many governmental organizations and it is the part of it. The basic purpose of the public relations is to create the goodwill image of the organization. There are marketing jobs in newspapers that are published in all leading dailies of Pakistan.

The person who is going for the public relations post is known as the public relations officer or PRO. He is also the spokesperson to the media on the behalf of organization. The PRO acts as a bridge between public and organization. You can find public relations jobs in the category of marketing jobs in newspapers from our online job portal.

Positions for Public Relations


From above discussion, it is concluded that the marketing jobs are very important in industry. All these marketing jobs in newspapers are posted on our online job portal under the category of marketing jobs. There is a choice for you to subscribe from our marketing jobs updates via email box. Therefore the other way is getting the update from our official facebook page, Google+ profile and LinkedIn profile without any delay. Hence our online job portal is a hub for all type of marketing jobs in Pakistan. All these jobs are published in leading newspapers of Pakistan. Moreover, you have the choice to get career choice guidelines from our blog section.