Tuesday, 31 Mar,2020
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Pak Army Jobs

Pak Army Jobs


Pak army jobs as captain

For this post, you have to apply for the relevant job post and get your dream job without any delay.

Army jobs are best from other Government jobs in Pakistan because it allows you to serve your country and show your patriotism. For all these job posts you must have slim body structure, specific height and weight and many others.

Pak army jobs as Commissioned officer

It is one of the top-ranked jobs in the military in which Field Marshal has 5 stars, General has 4 stars, Lieutenant General with 3 stars. While, the Major General has 2 stars, Brigadier with 1 star. Moreover, other ranks in this category of government jobs in Pakistan are; Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant.

As a  Non-Commission officer

Explore and find out the best government jobs in Pakistan from army jobs. Its ranked at 2nd and is further divided into; Battalion Havaldar Major, Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar, Company Quartermaster Major, Havaldar, Naik, Lance Naik, and Soldier.

As a Junior commissioned officer

Another high post job in the army that includes; Subedar-Major, Subedar and Naib Subedar.

As a Soldier

It is one of the posts extracted from the best government jobs in Pakistan. It is available for both the commission and non-commission officers ranks