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Top 10 Companies in Pakistan

In the technologically advanced period, an enormous number of multi-national companies are making progress and flourishing through high rating with the variety of advertisements. Moreover, the word multi-national is an amalgamation of two words suggesting uniqueness of an organization having international and national links through their production. Hence every citizen of Pakistan wants to have a job in Pakistan which serves good salary along with incentives. For this purpose, multinational companies are well known. So, don’t miss a chance to have a sight at your own bright future in one of the multinational companies in Pakistan. Keep visiting our website and get enough knowledge about current multinational companies progressing rapidly. You will get the necessary details of a few companies here in this article.
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10 Multinational Companies in Pakistan

1. Nestlé

Swiss multinational company is known for food and beverage products across worldwide. Either, juices serve as most drinking product for its nutritional value. Their slogan, ‘Good food, Good life’ help people to trust this company blindly. Nestle is one of leading companies in Pakistan.

2. KFC

KFC is the American multinational fast food company. Its products are valuable throughout the world because of its most famous item i-e fired chicken. Yet this company is flourishing in 123 countries of the world. While the food available in KFC stores is hygienic and healthy providing a peculiar taste from rest of food brands.

3. Pizza Hut

Standardized multinational company and well recognized in the eastern world. However, it offers the best pizzas with the delicious taste and pasta.

4. Pepsi and Coco-Cola

Companies in PakistanBoth these products belong to known American multinational companies. Pepsi company developed in 1965 whereas coco cola in 1892. This indicates that coca cola is more flourished company and Pepsi is in competition with it. Both these companies specialize and excel in products like snacks and beverages.

5. Unilever

Unilever emerges as an Anglo-Dutch multinational company established in 1948. This brand offers daily used products at reasonable prices. While it is the reason of success and seeking the attention of huge population throughout the world. Moreover, they ensure sustainability of their products at every stage of life by working with government, NGOs, suppliers etc.

6. LG

One of the most recognized South Korean company which is currently operating in 80 countries of the world. While this company lends a helping hand in the development of the highly modernized items including smartphones and the household items. So, these products help to establish the reputation of their brand in the whole world.

7. Samsung

Companies in PakistanIn 1969, Samsung developed as a South Korean multinational company. This company is known for its innovative products for establishing the global society. Hence, electronic appliances and smartphones become a major part of humans’ life. As these products are used for ensuring a comfortable life without much effort.

8. Apple

One of the most influential companies known for its smartphones. It is the creation of Steve Jobs and its headquarter is in Cupertino. Moreover, this company design and manufacture latest technological products including iPhones, tablets, MAC, Laptops, portable music players etc.

9. Toyota

The headquarter of this multinational company is in Japan. So, it’s most famous items is the luxurious Pajero and cars. It is manufacturing all cars for several years. As a result of this company has made his image through automobiles by providing best vehicles in affordable amounts and ensures the most save drive to its customers.

10. Imperial chemical industry

The largest manufacturing company found in Britain. Yet this company is mainly supplying chemicals, fibers, explosives, and paints throughout the world. Consequently, it is known for its long-lasting quality.

All these multinational companies serve as a basic purpose to make the reputation of their own nation throughout the world. However, these companies try to utilize and supply innovative products to ravish among their customers worldwide. Hence, these companies excel their products and receive benefits in the form of profit. Then, the distribution of this profit will occur as a bonus among the employees to motivate and courage their participation in the success of a company.

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